Westeros: Total War
Dunkle Schwingen



Download and installation instructions
"Westeros: Total War ~ Dunkle Schwingen" version 2.9.5
(April 2018)

Download 2.9.5:
Google Drive   (ca. 3,0 GB) Download

~ 1 ~
  The installation is a stand alone, full version. Delete older versions of the mod.

~ 2 ~
The installation will not interfere with other mods or previous versions.

~ 3 ~
Standard: install
\unpack to: "...\SEGA\Medieval II\mods"
Steam: install
\unpack to: "...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Medieval II Total War\mods"

~ 4 ~
The installation is Steam compatible.
Start the mod by clicking the "Westeros_DS", even if you are using Steam.

~ 5 ~
Choose your language via "Settings" in the folder Westeros_DS.