Westeros: Total War
Dunkle Schwingen


What is Westeros: Total War ~ Dunkle Schwingen?

Westeros: Total War is a total conversion mod that merges the fantasy world of George R. R. Martin "A Song of Ice and Fire" with the gameplay of a Total War game.

Precisely what game is this mod for ?
It is for the Kingdoms expansion of the Medieval 2: Total War game.

Where can I download the latest version and what do I need to download?
The Download can you find here: DOWNLOAD

Do I need to install all of the Kingdoms campaigns in order to run Westeros: Total War?
No, one is enough. Whichever one you like.

Do I need to patch Kingdoms in order to run Westeros: Total War?
It is advisable to update it to the 1.05 version.

Can I still play the original M2:TW or other mods after installing Westeros: Total War?
Yes, Westeros: Total War is completely mod-foldered and will not interfere with the original game or other mods.

In what language is the game?
In German, but at an English version is in progress.